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Classical ballet students learn technique in a structured and fun setting as they work on strength, flexibility, rhythm, musicality, and discipline. Classes are offered at three levels: Pre-Ballet, Ballet I and Ballet II.


culinary arts

Culinary artists learn basic cooking skills as they learn about nutrition and healthy foods through preparation of inspiring, simple and delicious recipes with Chef Laura Cox.  For students ages 10+.



Flamenco students develop coordination, balance, agility, grace and strength while learning from master teaching artist and performer Mina Fajardo.  Performances emphasize ensemble work.


gymnastics and tumbling

Gymnastics and Tumbling help students become focused, healthy and confident. Routines and exercises emphasize safety.  Classes include Tumbling (ages 3-5) and progressive Gymnastics (Level I, II, III).



This class is for very little ones (infant to age 5).  Fun and engaging exercises and songs develop motor and verbal skills, rhythm, and social skills. Children under age 3 require adult accompaniment.


Visual Arts

Students practice line, space, shape, value, color, texture, abstraction and form in drawing, painting, sculpture, collage and fiber arts mediums, and study movements like surrealism, abstract expressionism, and land & found-object art.

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circus arts

Circus Artists work to develop strength, confidence, visibility, and empowerment through aerials, acro-balance, and physical theater. Classes are taught by the Peñasco Theater Collective.



Drama students gain confidence and learn to work as an ensemble cast through fun exercises that emphasize self-expression, creative thinking, improvisation, role playing, story creation, and teamwork.


Baile Folklorico students develop focus, memorization skills, physical fitness, and ensemble performance skills as they learn the cultural folk dance routines from the Mexican state of Jalisco.


hip hop

Hip-hop students learn modern street-dance techniques including breakdance, pop-lock, improvisation, and freestyle as they develop focus, flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination.


Singing students learn the fundamentals of voice work, acting, and performance through the creative interpretation of children's songs as they develop a strong sense of self-expression and confidence.

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creative movement

Our youngest dancers (ages 3-5) work on playful routines that stimulate motor skill, imagination, creativity, listening, and fun!  A wonderful first class for young aspiring dancers!

fashion design

Fashion design students learn the basics of drawing, draping, cutting and sewing as they create their own take-home outfits and design costumes for our productions and student showcase.



Guitar classes focus on basic music theory, instrument technique, and self expression. Students develop critical thinking skills and learn to read, interpret and play songs as they work and perform in an ensemble.


Keyboard students learn the basics of piano / keyboard technique in a fun group class that emphasizes music theory, finger position and posture, learning to read and perform sheet music, and improvising.


suzuki strings

The Suzuki Method offers students as young as 3 a whole-child approach to learning an instrument that helps to build musical ability and skills in listening, coordination, judgment, and confidence.