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We are the podcasting class of 2019. We spent our time developing new skills in audio production, story boarding, and editing. Our first project was a radio play about an evil orange called Bob and The Evil Orange. Stay tuned as we develop our individual podcasts. Thanks for listening.


Barbara Garcia is a dancer and enjoys making special effects makeup such as zombies and other horror creatures. Check out her tutorial video below.

Isaac Lopez has been a MAE student for 11 years. He has tried everything from gymnastics, flamenco, ballet, guitar, singing, and now digital media. One of his collaborators, Jordan Cervantes, has been at MAE for about three years. Check out their comedic short film below.


During Apollo Outreach’s June Storytelling Workshop, Moving Arts Students using the paper that they made the day before created stop-motion animation films.

The RoadRunner

Max’s Movie


Sawyer’s Film