Meow Wolf’s Community Voices - Moving Arts Española

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Our collaboration with Meow Wolf during their Community Voices film project has bolstered and invigorated our organization in numerous ways.

Filmmaker Jody McNicholas and her crew engaged members of our community with a rare sensitivity which opened a dialogue based in trust enabling a profoundly personal and authentic storyline to emerge.

This, coalesced with McNicholas' fresh lens and subjective view of our Moving Arts staff and students, has yielded a meaningful and candid reflection of our genesis, daily service and continuing mission for the future of the Española Vallery and surrounding communities. 

Not only do we anticipate a cultivation of donors and a broadened network of support as a result of this collaboration, but at its core, it has served as a reminder of the common thread that weaves the myriad lives of our Moving Arts staff, students and families together.

Watch the video and explore more!

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